Hello everyone,

First off, I'd like to say that I am excited to say that I am the new Owner of OreCraft. The previous owners have done a fantastic job at creating such an amazing community and I'm really glad to see what the future of the network has in store. When I first head about the network, I knew that it was something I could get behind and see grow. I am very excited to see where the server would go and it will in fact succeed.

My goal with anything I do is to see it expand to new heights. With OreCraft, I don't want to come in and change things on a drastic note. Instead, I want to get to know you all and fully understand the community that has grown here. Of course I want to see OreCraft grow to a point where we can expand our community. With that, I'll need your help to spice up new ideas and see how we can expand to accept a greater community! Make sure to suggest to us, what Ideas you guys got to be want implemented! We are happy to hear all suggestions.

I've been creating and managing Minecraft communities since 2011. Since then, I've taken time to get to know each and every community that I have shaped or went into. I am a very successful server owner, and in fact this will not fail. I think that's my best trait and will never change that about myself. I also have big plans for the future, so I hope everyone is as excited as I am for bringing back OreCraft!

Without further ado, I am open to any conversation or questions that you might have for me! And once again, my goal isn't to change the way OreCraft is or operates. I am just here to help expand it and see the community grow. So, I am very happy to bring back OreCraft, to you guys.