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    It's very difficult to catch all the bugs by ourselves, so we would like for you to help us! Bugs appear every now and then and if you have found a bug in-game or on the website, then you can report it here. It is more efficient for us to handle bug reports and fix bugs from the forums. Please make sure you use the format below and fill in as detailed as possible. If you won't follow the format listed below we will request you to edit your thread.

    Required Format:
    Your IGN (In-Game Name):
    Where is the bug located (In-Game/Website/Store):
    Minecraft Version:
    Are you using any mods? If so, which ones?:
    Description (Tell us as much as possible!):

    Keep your complaint focused on the exact incident that prompted your report. Do not veer into generalized criticism of the server, and avoid personal attacks and abusive language. Even though you may be quite frustrated and angry, maintain a calm tone in your report.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.