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    These are the rules for the OreCraft server. Make sure to read and follow these rules to avoid punishments. If you are applying to be a staff member, make sure that you fully understand all of these rules before applying. Rules regarding our Discord can be found in the #rules channel. Everything listed below is not allowed and will result in a warning or punishment, based on severity.

    Minor Offenses

    Chat Spam | Minor Offense
    Sending 3 of the same message or 5 messages, rapidly or in a short period of time.

    Character Spam | Minor Offense
    Spamming letters, symbols, or other characters in your chat messages.

    Racial & Homophobic Slurs | Minor Offense
    Using racist or homophobic language in a derogatory manner in chat.

    Excessive Swearing | Minor Offense
    Excessive use of profane language in chat messages (excludes above).

    Disrespect / Victimization | Minor Offense
    Being overly disrespectful or showing verbal aggression towards another player in chat.

    Links | Minor Offense
    Posting links that are unrelated to OreCraft in chat, faction descriptions, etc..

    Moderate Offenses

    Server Disrespect | Moderate Offense
    Sending disrespectful messages regarding the server or its performance.

    Block Glitching | Moderate Offense
    Deliberately exploiting block glitches (report them to staff instead).

    Promoting Spam | Moderate Offense
    Causing or encouraging other players to participate in spam or flooding chat.

    Inappropriate Links | Moderate Offense
    Sending inappropriate, explicit, or malicious links in chat or to other players.

    Staff Disrespect | Moderate Offense
    Disrespecting a staff member for enforcing rules or for their position on the staff team.

    Encouraging Suicide | Moderate Offense
    Encouraging another player to commit suicide ("joking" is not an excuse).

    Death Threats | Moderate Offense
    Making threats against the life of another player ("joking" is not an excuse).

    Inappropriate Symbols | Moderate Offense
    Sending inappropriate or widely offensive characters or symbols in chat.

    Advertising (Server IPs) | Moderate Offense
    Sending the domain or IP address of another Minecraft server on PotionPvP.

    Severe Offenses

    DDoS / Dox / Swat Threats | Severe Offense
    Threatening to ddos, dox, or swat another player or staff member.

    Phishing Links | Severe Offense
    Posting malicious links, such as IP grabbers, in chat or in private messages.

    Inappropriate IGN | Severe Offense
    A racist, sexist, or hateful in-game name. Change it and request an unban.

    Staff Impersonation | Severe Offense
    Pretending to be a staff member or someone who is a staff member.

    Hacked Client / Illegal Mods | Severe Offense
    Using a hacked client or a modification that has not been explicitly allowed.

    If you see a player breaking these rules, please report them to our staff team right here.
    To appeal a punishment that you have been given, submit an appeal for review.
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