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    Getting rid of rule breakers is a hard job for the Staff team, sometimes one can slip through
    without being punished by a Staff member. That’s why we have set up this page so that people who want to make OreCraft a better place can help us out by reporting the ones who don’t follow the rules. The team wants to thank you for reporting the rule breakers.

    Some Important Notes:

    • If the video is longer than 3 minutes, please provide the time where the incident occurred.
    • Be fully confident that player being reported is actually breaking the rules.
    • Please report users as fast as possible, we can’t use old material.

    Required Format:
    Your IGN (In-Game Name):
    IGN of player(s):
    What type of punishable act:
    Evidence (Screenshots/Videos):

    Thank you for taking the time to report a player on the forums to make OreCraft a better community! Once the report has been posted, please be patient and wait till the report gets viewed by a Staff member.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.